Why the Middle East Matters

From the war with ISIS to the Syrian refugees. It's not just about oil anymore.
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Why The Middle East Matters

From the war with ISIS to the Syrian refugees, it’s not just about oil anymore. See how the mass migration of Syrian refugees into Europe and the United States will fundamentally transform the global superpowers over the next twenty years, and what we must do to stop ISIS from taking over the entire world. Read more…

From Lions to Labradors, Shelly Reilly's Animal Portraits are Hauntingly Human-Like

If you’ve ever tried to take a posed photo of your dog, you know how difficult it can be to get them to stay still long enough for you to snap off a few stills. Shelly Reilly knows this firsthand, except, Shelly doesn’t just shoot the family pet like you or me, she creates hauntingly human-like portraits of animals, both domestic and wild, from lions to Labrador Retrievers, capturing the essence of each animal’s soul. Read more…

The Homeless Epidemic in America

Chances are you’ve encountered a homeless person while walking the streets of any major city in America. From the drug addict looking for his next fix or the runaway trying to escape an abusive home, to the mentally impaired person who can’t function normally in society to the struggling war veteran who served his or her country with honor and can’t even get a hot meal or a warm bed at the nearby homeless shelter. The homeless epidemic in America isn’t just thriving, it’s increasing, and at an alarming rate. Many Americans blame the ongoing economic recession, while others point the finger at… Read More…

"In Guns We Trust"

Why the 2nd Amendment has Americans up in arms.
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Low Gas Prices. Good or Bad?

Most Americans, when asked that same question, will undoubtedly say “Good” without batting an eye. But, ask anyone who works in the oil industry, or has money invested in oil futures, and they’ll tell you why low gas prices aren’t necessarily a good thing. From South Dakota to South Carolina, gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in years, with some gas stations dropping the price for regular unleaded gasoline to 99 cents a gallon or lower. Read more…

The New War on Drugs

How the vitamin industry is giving "Big Pharma" a run for its money.
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